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Factory-gate electricity costs continued to rise in July, with the Central Bureau of Statistics recording a 47% rise in prices compared to June.

Wholesale electricity prices were 83% higher overall in July compared to a year ago.

There was a slight decline in the prices of other energy products last month compared to June, but the figures remain high compared to 2021 prices.

The next budget is expected to introduce measures to help tackle the rising cost of electricity, but these will primarily be aimed at homeowners and tenants.

Producer prices also increased significantly in July compared to 2021. Producer prices for manufactured goods for the Irish market increased by an average of 9.5% in July compared to 2021, while prices to the production of exported products increased by 6%.

Producer prices for food increased by 11% over the year to July 2022.

Fish prices are up 20% while meat prices are up 13% from 2021 figures. Wholesale dairy prices are also up 53% from July 2021.

“During the year, there was a 9.5% increase in the house sales price index and a 6% increase in the export sales price index, which can be influenced by currency fluctuations,” said the CSOs price statistician. Jillian Delaney division.

The wholesale price of building materials has also increased by 21% over the past 12 months.

Prices for lumber and other treated wood products jumped 110% and prices for structural steel and reinforcing metals rose nearly 47%.

Building materials were seeing huge price increases even before inflation hit 9.6% in Ireland. Due to the housing crisis resulting in high demand, the cost of building materials has increased significantly in 2021.