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WEST FARGO — After Jan. 1, residents will be required to bring leftovers and trash from their project to the transfer station instead of dropping it off at the curb.
The West Fargo City Commission decided on Monday, December 20 to end the city’s curbside building material collection service.
Residents will now have to bring the materials to the city’s transfer stations at 1620 Main Ave. W. or ask for a dumpster.
A 6 yard dumpster will cost $60.
Public Works Director Matt Andvik said when West Fargo picks up the materials, they are then taken to the Fargo landfill, where the city pays about $46 per ton of waste.
“Stopping curbside collection of building materials will benefit the City by creating a safer environment for our crews and the public,” Andvik said. “It will also reduce the costs of dumping materials at Fargo’s landfill.”
Building materials include lumber, plywood, planks, boards, panels, drywall, decking, large carpet scraps, debris from renovations and remodeling, landscaping timbers , swimming pools, trampolines and fences.
These materials are dangerous for the sanitation teams who collect them and for the public who may come across them. They are especially dangerous in the winter when snow can cover them and hide any dangerous material protruding from them, such as nails or sharp, jagged edges.
The collection will be interrupted as of Sunday, January 1.
For more information on the City of West Fargo’s sanitation policies and schedule, visit