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The value of building permits in the City of Red Deer increased in October compared to the same period last year.

There were 76 permits approved last month, worth $5.4 million. This compares to the 73 permits totaling $4.2 million that were issued in October 2021

Year-to-date building permit values ​​remain higher in 2022, with current values ​​of $143 million, up from $91 million last year.

Notable permits include: paint work at 6740-65 Ave. $1.3 million, $894,000 interior renovations at 72 Calder St., $261,000 new detached home construction at 61 Noble Ave. and leasehold improvements at 1217-2827. 30 Avenue, worth $200,000

A permit was also issued for a new $177,000 single-family home with an uncovered back patio and basement development at 4706-57 St.

Permits in October kept pace with the 76 building permits that were issued in the city in September

From January to September, a total of 793 permits were issued in Red Deer for a combined total of $143.6 million.

Of these, 183 were for commercial projects (value of $60.7 million), 22 for industrial projects (value of $4.9 million) and 56 for residential projects (value of $27.3 million).

There were also four utility projects worth $50.6 million.

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