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NEW YORK, April 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The project includes updating database functionality, integrating with HubSpot and SharePoint, creating portals for customers and project management, improving the creation and storage of documents and improving the analyzes that can be generated on formatted websites. based on exportable reports.

“When I received the RFP for this project, I was amazed; it involved everything Citinet is known for,” said Citinet Founder and CEO Edward Zaremba. Like many traditional businesses, the construction company relied heavily on Microsoft and Adobe products over the years, but needed a solution that offered automation, scalable databases, and the ability to aggregate the data.

“Everyone loves these Microsoft workhorses because years of use have made them comfortable for users, but they can’t meet today’s technology standards for customization and producing dynamic metrics,” Zaremba says. “I believe Citinet’s documented skill set to guide this transition from addiction to MS is one of the key reasons the company selected us.”

The implementation of Citinet, based on Apple’s legendary FileMaker platform, will emphasize convenience and agility for staff and customers, whether desktop or mobile device.

“We know from two decades of experience that a solution is only as good as its user adoption rate,” says Zaremba. “From intuitive and adaptable dashboards to ease of data entry, our implementations are constantly improving user adoption – and I think a lot of that is due to us getting granular with users early in development. .”

The construction company’s users in its five offices in the United States and two overseas will have access to real-time data and customized reports with just a few clicks or swipes.

Since the company’s work can include multiple roles – assessments and supervisions, development management, project management and construction management – it was imperative that staff could share information and generate reports without going through a fine-tooth comb. multiple spreadsheets and forms.

Customers will also see improvements in communication and document management.

Using a web portal, clients will be able to initiate projects or monitor work, and potential clients will be able to download RFP documentation.

“Once this project is complete, our client will have adaptable software that will drive profitability and carry the business into the next decade,” said Zaremba.


About Citinet Solutions:

Citinet Solutions was founded in 2004 as the first Apple Computer Authorized Sales Agent in Westchester County, NY, and the second in New York. Citinet’s wide skill set allows him to draw from a suite of abilities; from acute listening, designing custom software, creating enterprise-wide workflows, structuring innovative automation, developing measurable reporting metrics and analytics. A member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and the Westchester Business Council, Citinet does all work in-house; your project is never outsourced.

Citinet Solutions
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