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The following applies to both Germany and Austria: Building permits or building permission (AT) are the responsibility of the Länder. However, state building codes are all different, with 16 states in Germany and nine in Austria. Nevertheless, they are comparable or even identical on essential points. At this point, it becomes clear why the significant harmonization and standardization for a BIM-based building permit is almost impossible in Hamburg as well as in Munich or Graz and Vienna. If an inspection software should qualitatively check different parameters and requirements, this is only possible with appropriate programming that contains all specific inspection parameters and is always supplemented with updates.

This is a big challenge, which fortunately was solved pragmatically and efficiently (at least for Germany) by some suppliers at first: a construction project can be comprehensively checked in Solibri, for example, based on the building regulations model. The individual adaptations of the respective federal states must then be compiled analogously, i.e. manually. It’s not yet optimal, but it’s a big step towards a BIM-based building permit. Indeed, a large number of rules and dependencies can be verified via the IFC-based “Building Permit Model”. The time saved by its widespread use in all offices in the building would be enormous and the quality of planning would increase enormously.