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SHILLONG, May 28: A week after the collapse of the dome of the future Meghalaya Legislative Assembly building in New Shillong township, authorities have sealed off the construction site for the project.
The incident had drawn widespread criticism and raised questions about the quality of the work undertaken.
Journalists went to the scene on Saturday but the police deployed on the spot prevented them from entering the scene. Some people, including workers, were seen inside. A government vehicle (ML 01) was seen exiting the scene.
The main structure has apparently been sealed as officials from an Indian institute of technology will visit the site to carry out a security audit of the building.
The dome, which weighed more than 4,000 metric tons, had collapsed in the early hours of May 22.
After the incident, political parties, pressure groups, civil societies and citizens were quick to attack the government for the alleged shoddy construction. They continue to pressure the government to have the incident investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation.
It has been approximately two decades since the devastating fire that tore through the historic Assembly Building and since then the state has been without a permanent Assembly Building. But to add to the misery, NST’s much-vaunted project is now destined to be delayed after the recent incident.