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The recent cancellation of the permit for a new building on Annie Hall Road near Kozhikode Station by the Superintendent Engineer of the Kozhikode Corporation has brought to light another building permit scam.

The building permit had been canceled by the Company in 2018 after an accident on the construction site. The civic body had also found that the signature and seal of a licensed engineer had been misused to obtain the permit.

It was in 2017 that Sunil Kumar. K, a licensed Kakkodi engineer, became aware of the scam carried out in his name. An official allegedly forged Mr Kumar’s signature and seal, in addition to using his license number, to pass off plans for several buildings in the city. Gireesh KV, a supervisor, had been arrested in connection with the scam.

However, it took the Kozhikode Corporation some time, until the mud collapsed at the construction site, to revoke the permit. “The company had found me guilty of adopting the plan, which I had no knowledge of. So I contacted the police and the case is still pending,” Mr Sunil Kumar said.

However, this did not prevent the owner of the building from reapplying for the permit in 2021 and having it approved by the corporation. Mr. Kumar had to bring the matter back to the Company’s attention to have it quashed.

“I learned that Mr Gireesh had obtained permits for dozens of buildings in the city in a similar way. If anything happens to these buildings, I will be in trouble,” Mr Kumar said, adding that he is currently in the process of filing complaints with various police stations in the city identifying each of these buildings.