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MANUFACTURERS and importers of building materials must meet quality standards to prevent the country from being a dumping ground, TBS Acting Director General David Ndibalema has said.

“The distribution of high-quality building materials is fundamental to protect consumers from using poor quality products that can plunge them into huge losses,” Ndibalema said in Dar es Salaam over the weekend. of a meeting which brought together manufacturers, importers and distributors of steel bars. , coils and roofing materials.

He said the TBS has underscored the need for importers, manufacturers and distributors to meet the country’s required quality standards and value for money building materials.

He said that apart from organizing such a platform to bring together the group of manufacturers, importers and distributors, TBS also uses other initiatives such as carrying out inspections in the markets to determine the authenticity of products.

“When we find substandard products on the market, they are taken down and legal action is taken against the culprits,” he said.

The TBS Acting Director for Legal Considerations, Dr Candida Shirima, said one of the obligations of the standard watchdog is to ensure that locally produced or imported products meet the country’s quality standards.

She said that roofing materials, steel bars and coils are important components in the construction industry and therefore manufacturers and importers must adhere to quality standards.

Speaking on behalf of the other participants, Mr. Mwalimu Juma commended the TBS for arranging the meeting to remind and sensitize them on the need to meet the country’s quality standards to protect consumers and the economy.