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JOHOR will conduct a study on the increase in prices of building and construction materials and its impact on public projects.

Chairman of the public works, transport and infrastructure committee, Mohamad Fazli Mohamad Salleh, said the study should be completed within a month.

“It will give us a clearer picture if the price increase will directly or indirectly affect the projects,” he said.

Fazli said apart from expensive building and building materials, the study will also look at the supply factor.

He noted that the shortage of certain materials for ongoing projects could lead to delays in completion.

He explained that the allocation for public projects comes either from the Johor Public Works Department (JKR) or from the federal level.

Fazli said while prices for some materials have stabilized lately, there’s no guarantee they won’t pick up in the coming months.

“Demand and supply factors will determine the pricing mechanism for materials,” said.

He added that the authorities could also examine whether there was a need to modify the specifications of the project according to the rising prices of materials.

On another topic, Fazli said the state government will prioritize improving the drainage system in downtown Johor Baru after the August 2 flash floods.

He said the existing drainage system and design could no longer accommodate the current rainfall density.

“The drainage design was based on planning done 100 years ago and now they are struggling to cope with heavier rainfall.”

He said it would be a major task for the Johor Baru City Council to replace the existing system to prevent flash floods in the future.

Several areas of the city were flooded after a downpour on August 2.

The affected areas were Sultanah Aminah Hospital, Kampung Mohd Amin, Jalan Sungai Chat, Persiaran Abu Bakar, Jalan Kolam Ayer, Jalan Ayer Molek, Jalan Stulang Darat, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak and Jalan Tebrau.