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SEVERANCE — Severance City Council on Tuesday voted to lift a moratorium on building permits in areas outside the city’s water service area.

Severance has its own water but depends on the North Weld County Water District for treatment and delivery. Residents of isolation receive water either directly from the city or through North Weld. North Weld imposed a moratorium on taps on September 29, but partially lifted that moratorium on February 14, initially allowing 50 tap permits and 10 per month thereafter until the end of the year.

Severance’s action was approved 6-0, council member Tad Stout, who also sits on the North Weld County Water District Board of Directors, withdrew from the discussion and vote.

The decision means the city will allow building permits within its boundaries in areas served directly by North Weld water, including subdivisions of Belmont Farms, Bridal Hill/Saddler Ridge, Casa Loma, Golden Eagle Acres, Hidden Valley Farm and Soaring Eagle Ranch.

Map cut line: Severance has lifted a moratorium on building permits outside of the city’s water service area, in areas served directly by the North Weld County Water District. (Courtesy of the City of Severance)

But the moratorium on building permits continues in the city’s water service area.

“This moratorium will continue until May 31, 2022 or until the North Weld County Water District grants the Town of Severance the 184 plant investments necessary to provide the appropriate volume of water to our town. “, according to a summary submitted by City Manager Nicholas. Warton.

Wharton spoke at the Feb. 14 meeting in North Weld, saying the city should receive 184 plant investments it requested. North Weld District Manager Eric Reckentine countered at the meeting that the city should first sign a new water service agreement with the district.

Members of Severance City Council attended an executive session on Tuesday to seek legal advice regarding the water service agreement.

North Weld’s partial lifting of its faucet moratorium included certain criteria:

  • The property must be subject to a water service agreement with the district.
  • The requirements of the water service agreement have been met and accepted by the district.
  • The water to be dedicated to the neighborhood has been dedicated and accepted.
  • The person or owner requesting the water tap must own the deed to be serviced.
  • The person or homeowner looking for a water faucet must apply for a building permit from the appropriate jurisdiction.

North Weld imposed its moratorium on taps in September, blaming the 1041 regulatory process in Fort Collins and Larimer County related to the district’s NEWT III pipeline, which will be built from North Timberline Road north of Fort Collins to the is in the unincorporated county of Larimer. The district later acknowledged capacity issues for water treatment and distribution, citing rapid population growth and the expansion of dairies in the area.

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