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RAPID CITY, SD — During the month of May, 337 building permits were issued with a combined total assessment of over $112. 8000000. This makes May 2022 the second highest month on record for Rapid City building permit assessments.

Additionally, the May 2022 total valuation shattered the previous May permit valuation record. The previous record was from May 2021 with a valuation of $44.4 million.

“It was a very busy month for our building services staff last month,” said Vicki Fisher, director of community development. “It’s not uncommon to end each month with a handful of permits worth $1 million or more, but with 11 permits worth more than $1 million, four of which exceed the value of $5 million. , it’s been a great month.”

Of the 11 permits issued last month, the permit issued to the Rapid City Area School District with Scull Construction, Inc. as the contractor was valued at $61 million for the new South Middle School at 2 Indiana Street.

1,188 building permits were issued for the year with a combined total of $228 million, the highest January-May total in Rapid City history.

The month that holds the record for the highest permit valuation is November 2019, when 362 permits with a combined total value of $123.4 million were issued. It was also the month that Rapid City issued the largest permit in community history for The Monument’s Summit Arena.