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We’re not even a third of the way to 2022 and already the city’s building permit count is at an all time high.

So far this year, 37 building permits worth more than $36 million have been issued as of the end of February.

That’s a big jump in dollar value from the first two months of last year, when 58 permits were greenlit but were worth just $18 million.

Mayor Lyn Hall said being a hub city works to their advantage.

“People are starting to realize that Prince George is the biggest community in the center of the province and serves such a huge area, we are a hub city and a service hub and that’s also a big part of what makes it motive, transportation corridors are really important to us.

The strong recovery in employment is also gaining ground with investors.

“We are seeing investors continue to have confidence in Prince George and not too long ago we were leading the province in the COVID economic restart. What’s happening is it’s going to continue and I’ve talked to economists that this (the construction boom) could last another three or four years,” Hall added.

A number of housing projects, particularly on the multi-family side, are leading the charge.

“If you take a look at our multi-family (development) I can point to the intersection of highways 16 and 97 where there are three new apartment buildings – we are seeing construction in Marleau and Southridge with multi-family units and we also see a large multi-family unit on the corner of 17th Avenue and Massey Drive.

“So it’s these larger units and as they progress through construction they can come in and start requiring additional building permits and I think those three examples are really indicative of what we’re seeing of a multi-family and single-family residence,” says Hall.

As of February 28, the city has issued permits for a number of housing projects, including:

 One (1) new single-family home ($379,336);
 Two (2) new mobile homes ($335,008);
 Two (2) new multi-family buildings ($3,644,151); and
 Three (3) new duplex units ($680,216).

Last year, the value of multi-family building permits hit an all-time high of $115 million, a jump of nearly 63% from the previous record high of $70 million set in 2020.

The northern capital’s success in attracting several high profile events is not hurting the momentum either.

“In 2015 we had the Canada Winter Games and we continue to have big events here – the World Women’s Curling Championship is coming up (Saturday) and it’s things like that that give us the opportunity to introduce the city to people outside of Prince George and I think that resonates, I think that message is sent out loud and clear,” Hall added.