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Panic in the mall: Cracked tiles, no building structure

Published on: Sunday June 12, 2022

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A screenshot of the viral video.

SANDAKA: Shoppers and tenants at Harbor Mall Sandakan were sent into a state of panic on Sunday morning after the tiles in one of the premises inside the mall cracked. In videos shared by the public, which have since gone viral on social media, crowds frantically exit the mall. Following the incident, the Sandakan Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Law Enforcement Unit inspected the said premises.

“Premises management, security and the owner have been met for further investigation,” Sandakan CIDB said in a statement. The initial investigation found only a few cracked tiles in one of the store’s lots, not the building structure. “The CIDB has advised the public against spreading false information that may cause panic among customers.”

In an earlier statement, Harbor Mall Sandakan admitted “there were loud noises coming from Level 4. This was caused by a small section of floor tiles that popped up this morning.” “Rest assured that our mall building is in absolute tenable condition and there are no structural issues as claimed by some irresponsible parties,” he said. Mall management also urged the public to remain calm and “refrain from believing and circulating fake news without verifying its authenticity.”