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Norwin school officials will have to wait another month to hear whether North Huntingdon will waive the $15,575 building permit fee for a school roofing project.

Township commissioners on Wednesday filed a decision through July on the requested waiver.

The move comes a week after a majority of the board voted against waiving fees for a Hillcrest Middle School project.

The commissioners rejected Norwin’s request to waive the building permit fee, noting that Norwin had raised property taxes on residents and commercial owners of a mill for the 2022-23 school year.

Commissioners also noted that Norwin was not fulfilling its part of an agreement to provide recreational programs in exchange for North Huntingdon assuming the cost of approximately $22,000 for school crossing guards.

Norwin Superintendent Jeff Taylor said in a statement Thursday that the school district values ​​the continued partnership with the township. As a result of issues raised at the meeting, the school district will provide “additional information about proposed community programs to assist them in their discussion and decision-making process.”

Although the school district provided the township with a list of programs it provides to the community to comply with the agreement, Commissioner Jason Atwood described it as “a bad list”, offering to reconsider the township’s refusal to waive the fees.

Atwood opposed the fee waiver at the June 9 meeting.

Commissioner Ron Zona said he still doesn’t feel comfortable with the list provided by the school district. What the school district provides is “not free and does not benefit all residents,” Zona added.

Commissioner Virginia Stump said the list of programs described by the school district were mostly recreation they would have provided. Stump said the only program she saw for the community at large was a technology class for seniors, but the school district charged participants $10.

Stump repeated her position that she would object to township inspectors, and possibly an engineer, carrying out inspections of the school project.

Commissioner Lyndsay Wengrzyn, however, favored granting the waiver to Norwin because it spends the same tax dollars as the township. She said the issue of the school district raising taxes should be separated from the issue of fee waivers.

Joe Napsha is a staff writer for Tribune-Review. You can contact Joe by email at [email protected] or via Twitter .