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The City of New Braunfels Building Safety Division has begun a six to seven month process of updating building and construction codes to the most recent editions published by the International Code Council 2021.

ICC codes are model codes that provide a set of minimum requirements for the design, construction and operation of buildings to protect public health and safety and conserve natural resources.

According to the city’s building official, KC Collins, code professionals, designers, building officials, builders and material suppliers work with ICC every three years to assess the technology landscape and demand for consumers to update model codes.

“These ICC codes have been adopted by most jurisdictions in the United States at this point,” Collins told New Braunfels City Council members at a meeting last month. “They are used as a baseline code standard to establish a minimum level of energy safety and compliance for new construction in the city.”

ICC code updates progressively apply innovation in building safety construction materials and techniques across the building industry to reduce risk to communities and builders.

Every three years, cities across the country update their building and fire codes with the most recent editions.

New Braunfels follows the cycle and adopts new codes every three years accordingly through a public participation process. The city adopted the 2018 editions of building codes in January 2019.

The city schedule calls for employees of the building safety division to work with the office of the fire marshal and community and regional stakeholders this month and in September to review the 2021 editions, prepare the changes recommended during meetings with the Technical Advisory Committee from September to November and adopt the codes as appropriate for the city in December or January.

All council members adopted codes come into effect in February.