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As Manatee County residents continue to clean up after Ian, Manatee County Development Services will work with them to help make fixes faster by expediting permits for hurricane-damaged structures. As of Monday morning, residential damage was estimated at $69 million and commercial damage at $13.5 million. These numbers are expected to increase as more areas, currently inaccessible, are surveyed. To help Manatee County residents, Development Services is waiving residential and commercial property building permit fees through January 1, 2023 for aluminum structures, roof coverings, siding, soffits and fascias . Staff will continue to assess the fee structure as repairs and rehabilitation of properties continue. In emergency situations, temporary repairs, replacement of equipment and work performed to mitigate wind, water or flood damage and prevent further deterioration of residential and commercial structures may be performed without permit. However, the permit application MUST be submitted the next business day to the building official. For more detailed information on permit requirements and what type of work is exempt and not exempt from permit requirements, please refer to the Manatee County Development Services section of the website or call ( 941) 748-4501, x6893. An executive order was signed following Ian that allows general contractors to perform roof repairs. Residents who use unlicensed contractors are at risk of faulty work and injury in their own home or business. Owners should check that their contractors have workers’ compensation insurance and also ask to see their general liability insurance. The homeowner is financially responsible for any uninsured contractor who is injured while working on their home. Consumers are advised by the Department of Business & Professional Regulation to verify their contractor license online at or by calling 850-487-1395. Manatee County residents can also call the Buildings and Permits Department at (941) 748-4501, ext. 3800, to determine if their contractor is registered here and if they have local complaints. They can also get their license history.

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