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YMCA Child Care Survey for 2022-2023

The Pickaway YMCA is exploring the possibility of providing before/after school child care for Logan Elm students in kindergarten through grade 8 for the 2022-2023 school year.

Parents/guardians are invited to complete a survey at if they might be interested in using this program for before and/or after school child care next year.

McDowell art students stay creative

Grade 7 art students at McDowell, under the direction of Robyn Helsel, recently completed a unit on using nature as inspiration. Using clay, beads and wire, students created ornamental hanging art objects inspired by birds.

LEHS celebrates International Day of Acceptance

Staff and students at Logan Elm High School celebrated International Day of Acceptance on January 20 by wearing buttons in support of students with disabilities.

The day is sponsored by 3E Love, a brand of unity that promotes self-acceptance as a way to live life to the fullest. Their credo of “Kiss. Educate. Empower.” was created to change the perception of disability among individuals and society at large.

New opportunities for LEHS students

Educators Rising is a group of high school students who plan to continue their education after high school and become teachers. The group is funded by a grant and mentored by high school teachers Holly King and Christina Sykes.

They bought books for first graders at Pickaway Elementary. They will visit these students, read with them, have lunch, play with them during recess, and then present each student with a copy of “Pete the Cat and the Snow Daze.”

New communication course

LEHS is offering a new elective this year called “Technology and Communications,” taught by Katie Piacentini. This course will provide students with a foundation for a clear understanding of communication strategies through standard and digital tools.

Students will develop and strengthen their presentation skills and present logical arguments based on facts. They will create podcasts, debate in class, research topics that personally intrigue them, and explore other communication projects and speeches using various media.

The construction of the new PK-12 building continues despite the winter weather!

Recently, construction activities have included the completion of the joist and deck placement in the PK-5 area and the pouring of the second floor, as well as the construction of interior non-load bearing walls. In area 6-12, structural steel and joists are being installed.

In the main entrance and the office area, the CMU load-bearing walls are being completed. In the area of ​​technology, vocational training and innovation, the area is being prepared for the pouring of the slabs, which will take place when the weather permits.

In the preparation of the site and the works, underground plumbing and electrical works are in progress and water pipes are brought into the building.