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We have a complex problem in our rural town that needs to be resolved immediately. North Yarmouth allows unlimited building construction on quarter acre lots in the center of our village. A total of 131 new homes have been allowed to be built in the last three years alone. The city has no plan to deal with the impact of this rapid growth, and we need one – compared to the current one Full dietwhich is a wish list of what we want to see.

Why? Other residents need more parks, recreation and sidewalks, an improved rescue service and bigger water and storage lines. Each additional child costs taxpayers $13,880 a year to educate. Many new homes are in a tax increase funding districtwhere none of their taxes can pay for education, and we need a new school.

The development is not bad. Growing without a strategy and without a plan to keep taxes affordable is. A “yes” vote on March 15 will cap annual building permits until the city adopts a comprehensive plan to deal with the growth we are experiencing.

Lincoln Merril
North Yarmouth

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