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The Johanna block, located between Fredsgatan, Södra Hamngatan, Drottninggatan and Östra Larmgatan, currently comprises four existing buildings and one undeveloped site. Hufvudstaden will build on the distinctive character of the block, in which architecture from different eras come together, adding to the character of the streets. When the project is completed, the block will comprise 44,000 square meters (GFA), of which 22,000 square meters will be newly developed spaces. Many new places to work and meet will thus be added to the area, resulting in a more dynamic and safer city centre.

“Our Johanna Block development is one of the largest projects to take place in the Inom Vallgraven area and will be an important addition to Fredstan’s overall development. The vision is for a modern, open and inspiring meeting place A vibrant, one-block safe place where people thrive and businesses can grow,” says Fredrik Ottosson, Gothenburg business area manager at Hufvudstaden.

The vacant site of Södra Hamngatan, which once housed the legendary Johanna restaurant, must finally be developed. It will be a slightly taller building with its own character, clad in light natural stone, highlighting it as one of the two main entrances to the block.

We chose to name the block after Johanna in recognition of two Gothenburg institutions, the Johanna statue in Brunnsparken and the Johanna restaurant, which drew people to the block in the 1970s and 80s. We are now planning new restaurants and cafes in the block that can become the meeting places of the future,” says Fredrik Ottosson.

During the fall of 2021, preparatory work, such as the reinforcement of the foundations, was carried out and the major project will start in the spring and is expected to continue until 2025.

Gothenburg, 12 January 2022


Frederic Ottosson

Head of Business Area Gothenburg

For any questions, contact:

Anna Gustafsson, Acting Press Officer Hufvudstaden, +46 (0)70 710 74 12

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