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Hailey City Council voted unanimously on Monday to implement new building permit fees for developers who choose not to pre-wire new buildings for electric vehicle charging stations and power systems. photovoltaic solar energy and offer discounts to those who do.

The new fee, called the “Hailey Clean Energy Deposit,” will automatically add $1,200 for new single-family homes, townhouses, major renovations and secondary suites, $1,250 per 10,000 square feet for new mixed-use or commercial. developments and $1,250 per 20 units for new multi-family developments.

However, developers who voluntarily install cabling infrastructure for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and solar PV systems will receive rebates of the same amounts, negating the increased fees.

According to a memo from the Hailey Community Development Department, the city previously considered mandating solar and electric vehicle charging wiring, but felt a voluntary compliance option would be more effective.

“The reason for adding this fee is to encourage developers to install the wiring infrastructure for electric vehicle charging and solar power systems in new developments, as well as to avoid the costs associated with modernization of structures,” the department said. “The city hopes to encourage the expansion of the electric vehicle and solar power market in Hailey to meet its 2045 clean energy goal and create a healthier community for all of us.”

The council adopted the clean energy filing fee and rebate program Monday through separate ordinances, following public hearings in April and May.

Hailey resident Joan Davies spoke in favor of both orders during a public comment session.

“About four and a half years ago, I installed 16 solar panels on my house. I would like to report that it has worked wonderfully for me and I am a very satisfied customer,” she said on Monday. The panels are now paid for, Davies said, adding that she also receives a monthly subsidy from Idaho Power.

“It’s the best thing we can do,” she said, “and it makes me feel good.”