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ATHENS – After legalizing illegal construction which in some cases had been blamed for worsening fires and floods – owners had to pay a fine – Greece will deregulate public inspection of new construction.

Building permits will be issued without any inspection by a public authority, according to a draft law from the environment ministry, Kathimerini said, indicating that this means no one will check whether a building is safe.

The law will allow an engineer to automatically issue permits without anyone else checking whether the foundations or infrastructure pose a hazard and the newspaper says the New Democracy government will likely abolish all construction planning services .

This would put an end to licensing or inspection requirements and allow engineers to simply submit an unreported plan topographic diagram stating whether it would even be reviewed or just graded.

The same bill extends environmental business licenses even if they have expired, while new commercial uses are added to the area of ​​Elaionas in Athens to allow for even denser areas in a city with few green spaces, the government apparently intending to fill it with uncontrolled construction.

The draft has been submitted to Parliament and is mainly about licensing renewable energy sources, deregulation added to a measure with nothing in common, a tactic used by governments to hide measures from the public.