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(CBS4) – Four months since the destructive Marshall Fire changed thousands of lives in Colorado, there is hope for homeowners. The first building permit has been approved in Superior.

Superior’s Ed and Terri Colson told CBS4 on Monday that they are excited to build a new home on their property and plan to celebrate when the permit is awarded.

(credit: CBS)

Delynn Copley has lost her neighboring house and is also trying to build a new house.

“I’m thrilled the town of Superior is starting to rebuild,” she said.

It was not easy to get the permit. Homeowners who lost their homes in the December 30 wildfire must navigate a series of hurdles with their communities. One step is to remove all debris from the terrain.

“As we begin the process again, we are a bit worried about how long it might take. But our immediate neighbors have already obtained their permits, which gives me a sense of hope,” Copley said.

The city of Louisville is also about to issue its first permit. He lost 549 homes and several businesses.

The 800 block of Trail Ridge Drive in Louisville was in an attractive suburban neighborhood until the Marshall Fire spread. Now it is in ruins. The owner of a home on this block has just become the first to file for reconstruction within the Louisville city limits.

Louisville fire recovery manager Lisa Ritchie says there’s a lot to be done.

“Basically financial with their insurance company understanding their budget, selecting a builder, selecting an architect and finally submitting a plan to get planning permission,” she said.

Hopes are that what is now fire and debris damage will regain the attractive look it once had.