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23 December 2021


Financial Products Group Co., Ltd.


Hisanaga Tanimura, CEO and Founder

(Code 7148 on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)


Hiroshi Sakurai, Managing Director and

General Manager of the Business Planning Department.

(TEL. + 81-3-5288-5691)

Notice of start of construction of a new building for the development project

Financial Products Group Co., Ltd. (FPG) announces that we have launched the “Jiyugaoka 1-chome plan”, which is the construction of the new building on our second development project announced in the “Notice regarding the completion of the acquisition of the building for the development project “dated March 31, 2021. Completion is scheduled for August 2022.

The property under construction is a three-minute walk from the north exit of “Jiyugaoka” station on the Tokyu Tōyoko and Tokyu Ōimachi lines. In addition, it is located at the corner of the intersection of Jiyu-dori Avenue, where famous and popular stores gather, and Suzukake Street, where ethnic and family style stores and other stores gather. distinctive. After completion, we expect the modern commercial facility to be opened.

Jiyugaoka consistently scores high in the “Town People’s Wants to Live” ranking. Since Jiyugaoka has several unique business facilities around the station, such as “Fullel With Jiyugaoka”, “Trainchi Jiyugaoka” and “Luz Jiyugaoka”, and it is the residential city with rich green where the cultured people once lived.

In addition, it has gained popularity, especially among women. Since Jiyugaoka is famous for its many favorite candy stores and tasteful coffees, including “TOKYO-JIYUGAOKAMONT-BLANC”, the original Mont Blanc cake shop means chestnut cream cake, and ” Kameya Mannendo “, a legendary Japanese candy store.

Jiyugaoka is expected to develop further in the future as a development plan called “Tokyo City Planning District Planning, Jiyugaoka Station or North District Planning” is progressing in the area around the station. by Jiyugaoka. This plan aims to create an attractive and vibrant commercial city while retaining the unique Jiyugaoka cityscape.

FPG continues to actively promote the development project and acquire real estate in urban areas to provide attractive fractional ownership real estate investment products. In addition, we aim to further develop the real estate fund business by providing more real estate investment opportunities to our clients.

Project summary

Project name: New construction of Jiyugaoka 1-Chome plan

Location: 1-14, Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo (residential indication is undecided)

Access: 3 minutes on foot from the north exit of “Jiyugaoka” station on the Tokyu Tōyoko line and the Tokyu Ōimachi line

Land area: 156.88 square meters (area indicated in the confirmation request)

Total area: 353.02 square meters (area indicated in the confirmation request)

Structure: steel frame

Use: store

Year of completion: August 2022 (planned)