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Members of the Chicago Regional Carpenters Council introduced students from Township High School Dist. 211’s building construction program with 150 Carhart jackets at an open house showcasing the program’s house building project in Elgin.

The donation was part of an ongoing partnership between Dist. 211’s building construction program and industry associations, the Residential Construction Employers Council (RCEC) and the Residential Home Builders Alliance (RHBA).

“RHBA and RCEC have been instrumental in training our students in real-world applications in the construction industry,” said Chris Gunsteen, construction instructor at Palatine High School, who also sits on the board. administration of the RHBA. “In addition to offering financial support, members have championed our program by offering hands-on blueprint reading lessons, attending career fairs to talk to students about construction and construction job opportunities. real estate, and even by offering internships for students. “

In response to a growing labor shortage, RCEC and RHBA began their partnership with Dist. 211’s building construction program several years ago with the goal of training the next generation of construction professionals.

“There is a real need in the industry right now for skilled workers,” said Cathy Kirin, CEO of RCEC. “Too often guidance counselors and even parents refer students to college. But many young adults are passionate about activities like welding, plumbing, carpentry, and electricity. The Building Construction Program gives them the foundation they need as we strive to engage them to the next level.

“When we partner with Dist. 211, we believe we have a head start on the next generation entering the trades, ”said Noelle D’Ambrosio of Monarch Construction. “By attending career fairs and communicating with students and parents, we help them understand trades apprenticeship programs and what is expected of them on a real job site. It’s great to interact with these kids and see how excited they are to be on a job site.

Students enrolled at Dist. 211’s building construction program offers both educational and practical opportunities in house construction. The district has offered this college program for more than three decades, providing students with the foundational skills needed to enter any field of architecture, construction, or building trades after graduation. Since 2001, the program has served nine communities through the development and sale of over 40 homes, including the current home at 15N455 Berner Dr. in Elgin.

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