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RHODE ISLAND, July 15 – PROVIDENCE, RI – Department of Environmental Management (DEM) Director Terry Gray has released the following statement regarding DEM’s plans to pause redevelopment of the property occupied by the former Lighthouse Inn in the Galilee State Harbor. Commercial fishing landings rebounded strongly in 2021 compared to 2020, increasing by 31% and totaling $103 million in ex-vessel value (i.e. the price at the dock). The Galilee is the engine of Rhode Island’s commercial fishing and seafood sectors, which account for more than 4,300 jobs and $420 million in economic impact statewide, according to a joint study by the Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation and the URI.

“In order to better quantify the demolition costs, the Department of Environmental Management will engage a contractor to conduct a hazardous building materials assessment of the structure of the Lighthouse Inn in the Galilee,” Director Gray said. “This assessment will determine the presence and extent of hazardous materials, potentially including asbestos, that should be addressed for the demolition or redevelopment of the building and/or site. The review of any changes to leases at the site will be suspended until this assessment is complete and an accurate estimate of the cost of remediation is available. DEM will share the results of this analysis with Narragansett Town officials and post them on our website for public review when “It will be available. The assessment should take approximately 90 days to complete once a company has been selected and is under contract.”