Somewhere, DaniLeigh is enjoying the first months of her motherhood. The R&B singer recently welcomed her daughter into the world and since that time DaniLeigh has made minimal appearances on social media. She showed off her post-baby body in a few updates for fans, but overall, she hasn’t been that active. There was a great debate for a brief moment regarding the father of her child, but while DaniLeigh keeps this information to herself, the public has also weighed in on her cooking skills.

Recently, DaniLeigh shared a video of her noodle and cheese dish, and the internet was quick to joke about her appearance. It appears DaBaby brought it up after The Neighborhood Talk shared a screenshot of a conversation he allegedly had with his niece.

At first glance, the rapper’s niece sent him an article about DaniLeigh’s cheese noodles. “Niece, I was screwed for riding ggggggg,” DaBaby replied, adding a laughing crying emoji for good measure. “Like nahhhh honey that’s not it.” Her niece responded with even more crying emojis.

“You ride crying,” she replied. “She needs a BABY COOKING LESSON !!!” It appears a screenshot of the conversation was shared on an Instagram story and someone leaked it, as above the posts someone added: “When she can’t cook” . Find out below.