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CURWENSVILLE — The owner of two Curwensville properties that were sent to the borough notary to begin the sentencing process has applied for a third time to acquire building permits for the structure.

“I want to get the ball rolling,” Arnold Rowles told the council.

Rowles applied for the same permit to renovate 400 Bloomington Ave. and 628 Center St., Curwensville, at the Combined Committees and Board Business meeting on February 28, and at the Vacant Property Review Committee meeting on March 8.

Borough Secretary Terri Bracken confirmed that she had received her building permit applications to rehabilitate the two structures.

Borough attorney Heather Bozovich, who was present at Monday’s meeting, told him that there was a 30-day review period for the application and that at the end of the period, he would be will say if his request is approved or refused.

“There are certain violations that could prevent approval. There are repeated violations that have not been corrected,” Bozovich said.

Rowles told council he believed he could complete the work before the 30-day deadline expired. He also questioned why his property and the properties of his son Matt Rowles appear to be at the forefront of both the Vacant Property Review Committee and council actions, noting that he believes some properties in the borough are under conditions worse than theirs.

Last year, the Borough’s Vacant Property Review Committee recommended that a handful of Borough properties, including some owned by Arnold Rowles and Matt Rowles, be referred to the solicitor to begin the process. of condemnation.

The council agreed and sent the properties to Bozovich to initiate proceedings.

The council said at the time that the process was long and that a statement was filed for each individual property.