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Chennai: In rural local government areas, ‘Building permit has expired; Complaints have been raised that panchayat union officials are collecting money from people saying it should be renewed.

In Tamil Nadu, construction projects are approved based on the General Building Rules 2019.

According to the Urban Development Law, when constructing residential buildings, the construction plan permission and construction work permission will be issued separately based on the map.


Approval of construction projects is subject to the provisions of the Community Planning Act; The construction work permit will be issued subject to local government regulations.

According to the current statute, a person who obtains both a building permit and a construction work permit must complete the construction work within five years. If the work is not completed, a three-year extension can be obtained by giving due notice.

This rule is followed in corporations and municipalities. However, there are various confusions regarding this regulation in the Panchayats.

In this regard, experts from the planning department said:

Due to the confusion regarding the timing of building plan and building permit approval, various disturbances are occurring in rural local communities.

According to the administrators of the Panchayat, no information on the revised deadline has been received based on the general rules of construction.

Those who have been approved in the last years 2019 and 2020 have not carried out the works due to Corona and the curfew. The panchayat administrators are rude to them, claiming the building permit has expired and asking for additional fees.


Already, those who have already been approved are obliged to pay the full fee again and obtain a new permit.

Local authorities should be ordered to post openly on notice boards details of the timeframe for building permit orders.

Building approvals obtained after the date of promulgation of the General Building Regulations are given on time.

In this regard, the government of Tamil Nadu should give appropriate instructions to local bodies. So they said.