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From now on, the building permit will be issued in a few seconds

Newly introduced system would speed up city development and save applicants time and energy: Baghel

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel inaugurated the direct online building permit system for the construction of buildings on residential plots of up to 500 m² (5,382 square feet) in urban areas, as part of a program organized Monday in his residence office. In this system, building permits will be issued without human intervention. CM stated that the state government has worked with steadfastness and dedication for 3 years for the development of villages and towns in the state, and now we are adding one more facility to this list. This new building permit system will accelerate infrastructure development in cities across the state. This system would provide an effective solution to existing problems in the permitting process. Issuing a building permit is an important process for citizens of the state who wish to build their own home, but previously this process was complicated, time consuming and not easily accessible, requiring approval from the card of several officials. But now this whole process will be free from human intervention and will be completed in a shorter period of time.

If the applicant has all the required documents, then obtaining the building permit for a house would be a matter of seconds. Considering the inconvenience encountered by the common people, CM gave instructions to the concerned officers 15 days ago to resolve the existing problems. And according to CM’s instructions, the department finished the work within 15 days. The Chief Minister congratulated the ministry and all those involved in the process of developing this system. The Chief Minister also congratulated the citizens for this brand new installation which will help them build the house of their dreams in a shorter timeframe. On this occasion, the Chief Minister issued the first building permit of the system to the applicant Chetan Dev Sahu, a resident of Daldalseoni, Raipur. Minister of Interior Tamradhwaj Sahu, Minister of Agriculture Ravindra Choubey, Minister of Forests Mohammad Akbar, Minister of Urban Administration and Development Dr Shivkumar Dahriya, Chief Secretary Amitabh Jain, Additional Chief Secretary Subrat Sahoo, Secretary of Urban Administration and Development Department Alramelmangai D, CEO of SUDA Saumil Ranjan Choubey, additional CEO Ashish Tikriha and departmental officials were present in the program. All the municipal commissioners, mayors and public representatives of the State also participated in this program via a virtual support.

On this occasion, Mayor Raipur Aijaz Dhebar, Mayor of Bilaspur Ramsharan Yadav and Mayor of Durg Dheeraj Bakliwal thanked Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel for inaugurating this easy-to-access system for issuing building permits. Minister Dr Shivkumar Dahriya, in his speech to the program, said that all existing issues have been resolved in this new online building permit system. Separate dashboards have been made in this system for representatives of the public, commissioners and engineers, on which are displayed the requests received daily as well as information on approvals, authorizations and pending cases. Commissioners, building officials, building inspectors and other officials from all municipal corporations were trained in the use of the new direct building permit system, through a state-level workshop. In this new system, we have trusted the citizens and the authorization is only issued on the basis of documents and an affidavit submitted by the applicant. The CM called on the population to take advantage of this service in the right way and to obtain a building permit issued only on the basis of correct information. During the program, a presentation was made by Departmental Secretary Alarmelmangai D. regarding the authorization system.