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The purchase of a new car is usually out of the question, but car leasing offers a cost-effective alternative for trainees. Similar to financing a car, leasing is difficult for trainees. When this hurdle is overcome, you should be able to drive your own car very fast. Trainee looking for small car with SUV for small money. Urgently looking for a car for working with the SUV.

Apprentice leasing

Apprentice leasing

Even at the end of the first contract period, the great mobility of the vehicle leasing for the trainees makes noticeable. If you prefer to continue the tenancy, you can extend the lease at any time. Here, a new or another copy can be ordered immediately, as there are usually no additional fees incurred.

The offer from us is huge and so there is hardly a manufacturer’s model that would not be available at advantageous leasing conditions. In contrast to the purchase of an often damaged used vehicle, no loss of safety has to be accepted for the apprentices in car leasing. We work exclusively with new vehicles from local dealers.

In addition, there is the lack of professional experience of the apprentices on the steering wheel, which can be mitigated in a new car by the variety of auxiliary and safety systems. In contrast to an end-of-life vehicle, the entire performance spectrum of modern safety technology is used here, and in the worst case, you can always rely on warning systems, brake assist, ABS, electrostatic precipitators and many airbags.

Of course, the safety equipment always depends on the selected type and can not be guaranteed nationwide. In the case of vehicle leasing for trainees, this is at least partially possible. One of the advantages of driving a car is the individual design.

Rental in teaching

Rental in teaching

Lease business in training: Whether a leasing vehicle pays for itself in the apprenticeship or for trainees or whether it is economically feasible or even reasonable with a trainee salary of barely more than USD 800 per month can not be answered consistently. In addition, not a few trainees rely on a mobile vehicle of one kind or another. Second

Considering that when leasing on the basis of kilometers, the leased car can be returned after 36 or 48 months and at no great extra cost, many interns will rightly claim that this term can help to mobilize the training period with a leased vehicle and then be able to look around for a new and larger car at work and with a fixed salary.

If you’ve saved or received something from your guardian, you can either make a special lease payment that reduces the monthly leasing rate, or you save on repair, maintenance, and inspection costs. Similar to car financing, leasing is also difficult for the trainees.

Because the trainees have a temporary contract until the end of their trainees. This, of course, raises questions for the landlord about what the intern will do after the training. The training company could in this case z. B. confirm that the trainee will be recruited after the training period. All this makes the lease for the trainees – especially for the banks and new car leasing – questionable.

The leasing companies pay first and foremost to the creditworthiness and security of potential tenants. As testing progresses, it becomes more difficult for apprentices to rent a vehicle. Finally, lessors check potential tenants for the likelihood of default on these leases. So can guarantors such. For example, parent companies of the leasing company help in the end to make a positive decision and to enable apprentices to rent.

As a further variant, it is possible that a father of apprentices is the lessee. Ultimately, the apprentices always have the choice for or against rents. Depending on creditworthiness criteria and guarantors, she may either financially support or reject apprentice leasing. In addition, there are interesting additional services such as our competent agency service or the comfortable option of having the new vehicle delivered to your door for a small surcharge via a car delivery service. For you, this means that you can shop with us.

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