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As part of efforts to stem the relentless instances of building collapses, the Delta state government has said that developers who fail to secure valid government building permits will face the long guns of the law.

The Delta State Commissioner for Urban Renewal, Olorogun Arthur-Akpowowo, who made the announcement, said the new measure was mandatory to avoid any possible construction accidents.

According to him, there will be three stages of building permit approval, namely pre-approval, approval and post-approval.

The News Agency of Nigeria quoted the commissioner as saying that the transfer of the Department of Town Planning and the State Urban Renewal Planning Board to the Ministry of Urban Renewal gave the ministry responsibility for development control in the state.

He said, “What I mean by development control is that if you have your private land and you need to build it, you should contact us through our offices across the state. . There are area planning offices throughout the state where you can go and get your building plans approved. If you are lucky enough to get land from the government, you still need to go to the Urban Renewal Planning Board to get your plans approved.

“The Department of Urban Renewal now has complete control over state development in terms of permits,” he said.

The commissioner further said his ministry is well positioned to lead departments and agencies with the reorganization of the state.

He said: “We are in charge of the management of the urban space so that we can guide construction activities and ensure that they comply with our building code.

“The incidence of building collapse will be greatly reduced as we will now have three approvals; pre-approval, approval and post-approval to ensure that we are not just giving out permits without follow-up . »

“We took this strict approach because there have been incidents where people come in with plans to build a multi-storey building, and you give them approval for a multi-storey building, they end up building buildings in three floors or more because there is no proper monitoring and follow-up.

“These are going to be greatly reduced, if not eliminated, as we will give a permit and follow up to make sure what the person is doing is in line with our permit, checking the building environment, the architects, the surveyor and Everybody aboard .”

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