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The City of Morgan Hill has granted planning permission to the developer for a two-story, 6,600-square-foot mixed-use art gallery and wine bar project downtown.

The project was licensed at the corner of Monterey Road and West Second Street. The property, which is owned by Dan McCranie, is currently the site of the city’s pop-up park.

The project will be known as the Edes Building and is expected to start in the coming weeks, according to a press release from KTGY, the project’s architectural and planning contractor. The Edes Building is “designed to bring together a multi-purpose art gallery and pedestrian promenade to re-engage a key downtown intersection,” the press release reads.

Construction is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2023.

The Edes building will consist of two levels of open gallery space that will allow for art exhibitions, display-style storage and art classes, as well as a wine bar, cafe and views of the the surrounding hills.

The structure “is designed to be a work of art unto itself” with a sculpture-like exterior and “a contrasting interior,” the press release said. The appearance of the building is inspired by the local landscape, taking inspiration from timber construction in an eclectic urban context.

The project will use solid wood, a durable building material that has an organic finish, according to KTGY. “While providing a more durable and cost-effective option than a concrete or steel structure, wood has a natural appeal that is leveraged both inside and outside the building,” the press release reads.

Another key design feature is the use of large windows opening onto downtown Morgan Hill and creating “an intriguing and flexible space,” the press release continues. The first floor will feature large glass panels to attract visitors and provide views of some of the artwork on display. The second floor will provide additional gallery space and a room to host various community art classes and events.

“Edes Building has provided an exciting opportunity for KTGY to break the mold of traditional art galleries,” said Sean Martino, Associate Director of KTGY. “By embracing the surrounding hills and greenery, as well as the bustle of downtown, we were able to design a flexible gallery that serves the community through art and entertainment while paying homage to Morgan Hill’s history. ”

The project is named after the Edes Grocery Store, which was the first business on the site in the 1920s. Over the years, the site’s old building housed the Telfer grocery store, Statti’s Corner pharmacy and Squeri hardware store. Brothers. South Valley Bikes moved in in the 1980s.

McCranie, owner of the Ladera Grill restaurant and the Colibri Art Gallery, bought the site in 2016 for around $700,000. He had the property’s old building demolished shortly after the purchase, and has allowed the city to use the site as a temporary pop-up park ever since.

In 2020, McCranie submitted plans for the Edes Building art gallery which will soon begin construction.

“Dan McCranie is a pioneer (who) elevates the arts and cultural experience at Morgan Hill. We are fortunate for his vision, commitment and passion for the arts,” said Morgan Hill Deputy Town Manager Edith Ramirez.”The Edes Gallery design by KTGY masterfully uses cross-laminated timber, a durable, eco-friendly material that offers a contemporary design aesthetic while honoring the site’s historical significance.”

KTGY has partnered with McCranie as well as construction manager Twelve22 Ventures; civil engineer KPFF; K2D mechanical and plumbing engineer; landscape architect RANA; structural engineer John A. Martin Associates; and Chromatic, which serves as the lighting designer on the new development.