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Shock price increases in the state’s construction industry are not expected to subside for at least another three months, with an average increase of 10% across all materials since last year. According to a national analysis by Master Builders Australia, aluminum roofing and door and window frames increased by 15%, plastic plumbing pipes increased by 25%, while interior building materials such as carpets , glass, paint and plaster increased by 5 to 10%. percent. Master Builders Tasmania managing director Matthew Pollock said price increases followed peaks in building cycles. He said shortages were now affecting internal finishing products, such as plasterboard and floorboards. Cricket community mourns Shane Warne after news of death shock “Initially it was reinforcements and trench mesh, then it spilled over into wooden products, which are largely behind us, now it there’s a shortage of drywall and glass, which is driving price increases. It seems to follow this spike in new home construction,” Pollock said. “But we’ve also seen a slowdown in price increases products in recent months. It takes time to ramp up production and time to find new suppliers when you have global supply chain disruptions. “Growers are starting to catch up, which means prices are starting to level off.” Mr Pollock said he expected supply chains for materials to be largely caught up with production demands by June this year. “That means there’s probably still a bit of pain ahead, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. It’s fair to say we’re already seeing some relief in terms of price pressure.” The Prime Minister will meet the Mayor and business leaders from the Burnie CBD plan, Housing Industry Association executive director Stuart Collins said as interest rates rise the number of homes being built will begin to slow down, which will improve supply chain efficiency.” Unfortunately, there is no indication that we will return to 2020 prices anytime soon, as housing demand is expected to remain strong as long as unemployment remains very low. .” Our reporters work hard to bring local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: Follow us on Google News