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Experienced construction professionals in NSW now have the opportunity to apply their skills to a world’s first Doctoral Program in the Construction Industry (CIDP) which will focus on problem solving to improve performance and embed practices improved in the residential apartment market.

NSW Construction Commissioner David Chandler OAM said CIDP would support the reform of Construct NSW and provide research focused on industry-wide solutions that would have short to medium-term benefits.

“Since its inception in 2019, the Office of the Building Commissioner (OBC) has driven the need to raise standards and increase regulatory compliance,” Chandler said.

“A big part of ongoing transformation will be changing the attitudes and practices of construction industry professionals through ongoing education.

“OBC has partnered with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), University of Western Sydney and the University of Wollongong to develop a professional PhD program to meet the needs of industry in combining hands-on experience with NSW’s world-class expertise, facilities and research. Resources.

“We have identified 12 priority topics that will be explored in the program, including product traceability, contracts and project governance, digitization, certification and assurance, and embodied carbon.

“The aim is to refresh existing knowledge on these topics, but also to delve into new areas that produce insights and expertise for the future.”

The CIDP was originally designed by Chandler and UTS Professor of Construction Management Martin Loosemore and is also positively adopted by other universities in NSW.

Professor Loosemore said the initiative has the potential to challenge old institutional models, practices and norms and transform traditional ways of thinking.

‘The CIDP is a world first,’ said Professor Loosemore.

“This is a unique ‘action research doctoral program’ that has been collaboratively designed to directly support Australia’s leading construction industry reform agenda.

“It’s about helping to create career expertise among future leaders and innovators in our industry. CIDP will help break down traditional barriers between academia and industry by ensuring that academic research advances industry practice and has real-world impact, both immediately and in the future. the future.

Applications for the The CIDP opened on December 15, 2021.

A minimum period of 10 years of industry experience is required to apply for the CIDP in construction, engineering, design, law making, business or technology.

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