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A three-day exhibition of construction materials and art titled “ARCHMAT 2022” opened on Friday in the town of Kalaignar Arivalyam.

Hosted by the Tiruchi Center of the Indian Institute of Architects and Archtrust, the exhibition has 90 booths spread over two floors, with a wide range of ancillary property products such as electrical fittings, paint and hardware. It also includes 10 free stalls for artisans who create handicrafts with wood, cane, terracotta and blown glass for interiors.

“We always promote art with architecture, because our buildings cannot exist without it. This year we have included cartoonist, model maker and wooden toy maker in our list of artisans/exhibitors,” said T. Muthuraman, Organizer, ARCHMAT 2022. The Hindu.

The event also showcases concept drawing sheets from students and architects related to the urban planning and redesign of Tiruchi. “As the city experiences exponential growth, its infrastructure must adapt to changes in traffic volume and population. If the infrastructure is supported, Tiruchi will grow in a planned way. There should be an appropriate distribution of public spaces, and rather than concentrating all amenities in one area, they could be randomly distributed to allow the flow of people,” Mr Muthuraman said.

ARCHMAT 2022 is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and will end on Sunday.