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BELLAIRE — Mayor Ed Marling opened discussion on Bellaire’s building permit structure and pricing on Thursday and asked the village council to resolve the issue.

“Let’s get together, calculate the cost of a building permit and stop playing” he told the council about a work in progress involving the contractor building the new Belmont County water treatment plant, who apparently requested a waiver or at least inquired about another rate.

Councilor Mike Doyle complained the matter had been before council for months but had never been resolved.

“And I really believe in it” he started. “We have a structure in place that outlines the fees (and) I’m not comfortable going in and bidding against ourselves.”

These fees, provided by Doyle, are as follows: For projects ranging from $400 to $1,000, the base rate is $10; $1,001 to $2,000 is $14; $2,001 to $3,000 is $18; for a project ranging from $3,001 to $4,000, the fee is $22; and for a project of $4,001 to $5,000, the rate is $26. A demolition permit is $35 with a contractor’s license, which costs $25. Another $4 is added for every $1,000 valuation, according to the document.

Barrister Michael Shaheen said that to be fair to all parties, the board should get a written agreement in order to make a decision. But Councilor Elizabeth Dugmore said it was not just about being fair, but also about “have a written record of everything.”

“I’m really starting to have problems with that” Doyle said. “We have a building permit structure in place, it gives you the costs. OK, those are the fees. He spoke about the requested waivers and said he would be reluctant to grant them.

“Because if you set that precedent at that time, if we get a fracking spillover and they come here and they want to do a project, then we’ve already bet against ourselves,” Doyle said.

He told the council that the village had allowed too many waivers and that he was growing frustrated with the practice.

Shaheen repeated his previous comments that if the contractor is seeking some sort of waiver, he should put the request in writing so that it goes through the proper channels. Doyle said if anyone wants a spread, they should come up with a ” hurry “ why they shouldn’t be paying the same fare that everyone else is required to pay.

“I’m a little uncomfortable because we’ve been working on this for several months and, you know, it’s a lot of money,” he added.

Doyle and Treasurer Tom Sable said Bellaire’s rates are comparable to the surrounding area. Doyle said the rate should be the same for anyone paying for a project over $100,000.

Councilor Robert “Bouba” Kapral said giving one person a break will make everyone else deserve one. Doyle agreed.

“I’m sick of sitting here and hearing all these outside interests come in here,” Doyle said, referring to various builders asking for breaks. “Why should we give away our money? »

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