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ASOTIN — Asotin County officials are proposing an 8-10 percent increase in some building permit fees and several building code updates.

Two public hearings on the issues were held on Monday, and comments on both points will be accepted until noon Friday. The Board of Commissioners plans to take action on the fee hike and building code changes next week.

Building manager Karst Riggers said building permit prices had not been adjusted since 2017 and the proposed increase was reasonable for the four-year period. If approved, the square foot assessment for a new single-family home will drop from $94 to $106 on the ground floor, which is similar to rate schedules used in Clarkston, Moscow and other surrounding communities. , did he declare.

Based on current pricing, the price for a permit to build an 1,800 square foot home with a 700 square foot garage in Asotin County is $2,857.40. The increase would push the cost of a permit for the same home up to $3,083.45.

In general, “the bigger the house, the more you pay for your permit,” Riggers told the commissioners.

Officials said the county assessor uses a different formula to value properties for tax purposes, and building permits typically reflect a lower-than-market housing valuation.

“We’re seeing homes here selling for $250 a square foot,” Riggers said.

To date, 22 single-family homes have been built this year in unincorporated areas of Asotin County. Around 30 new homes per year is normal, and 2021 is on track for a similar result. Most new commercial construction in the county has been limited to storage units.

For residential additions, the proposed rate is $71 per square foot instead of $64. If the rate hike gets the go-ahead, the fee for a 400-square-foot addition would rise from $663.20 to $709.40. Pole constructions would drop from $19 per square foot to $21.

The adoption of the 2018 International Building Code required a public hearing, but elicited no comment. All of the proposed changes comply with state laws and adhere to the latest standards, Riggers said.

A third public hearing was held on Monday on the release of certain alleys in Anatone. If approved, the county will no longer have to maintain these areas. No homeowner affected by the plan has expressed opposition, said Ted Sharpe of the Department of Public Works.

Comments on building permit fee hikes, code changes, or Anatone lanes can be submitted to the Commissioners by email at [email protected] or by mail at Asotin County, PO Box 250, Asotin, WA 99402. Deadline is Friday noon.

In other county business, a waiver for Richard Grimm to build a store at 2753 Florence Lane, Clarkston, was approved by a 3-0 vote. The variance will allow Grimm to build 3 feet from his property line, instead of 9 feet.

The commissioners also voted 3-0 in favor of a conditional use permit for Danny Centenari to build an oversized store at 2796 Grandview Drive, Clarkston. The store and lean-to are larger than the standard size allowed in a residential area and require a permit, Riggers said.

Both building issues were recommended for approval by the Asotin County Planning Commission, which is a volunteer advisory board.

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at 7:30 p.m. on October 19 at the Asotin County Fire District Auditorium to consider a conditional use permit for the construction of a new Asotin County Jail. along Sixth Avenue in Clarkston Heights. The fire station is located at 2377 Appleside Blvd.

For those unable to attend, the hearing will be offered via a live online link that evening, officials said. Public comments will be collected at the meeting and can also be emailed to Riggers at [email protected] by October 19.

The Planning Commission will make a recommendation about the prison site application to the Board of Commissioners, which will then determine whether it is approved or denied. If he gets the go-ahead, the jail will be built across from the Asotin County Regional Landfill. More information about the project is available on the county’s website on the Sheriff’s Office page.