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A full building permit has been issued for an upcoming mixed-use development at 812 W. Adams St. Set on irregularly sized land, the project site faces W. Adams St, extending from N. Green St. at N. Halsted St. Developed by Luxe Suites Chicago LLC, the overall L-shaped lot was originally occupied by three structures that have recently been demolished.

812 W. Adams StreetAxios Architects and Consultants

With a design by Axios Architects and Consultants, the new development will rise 7 stories above the street. 4,200 square feet of retail space will anchor the corner of S. Halsted St. and W. Adams St. with 80 luxury rental units on the upper floors. 27 parking spaces will be included on the ground floor, accessible from two points along W. Adams Street. The residential entrance will be placed in the middle of the block along the W. Adams Street frontage.

Rising from lot line to lot line, the exterior of the building will be clad in masonry with projecting bay windows. Glass and metal balconies will be nailed to the facade adjacent to the bay windows. Elevations facing neighboring buildings will not have balconies. The top floor will contain amenity space and an outdoor roof terrace and pergola.

812 W. Adams StreetAxios Architects and Consultants

The project was recently granted two deviations by the Zoning Board of Appeals. The first reduces parking from the 80 mandatory spaces to the 27 expected spaces. A second gap reduces the rear setback from 30 feet to 0.

With a full building permit issued, the general contractor Structures Construction LLC can begin construction. An official timeline for completion has not been announced.