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The purchase of a new car is usually out of the question, but car leasing offers a cost-effective alternative for trainees. Similar to financing a car, leasing is difficult for trainees. When this hurdle is overcome, you should be able to drive your own car very fast. Trainee looking for small car with SUV for small money. Urgently looking for a car for working with the SUV.

Apprentice leasing

Apprentice leasing

Even at the end of the first contract period, the great mobility of the vehicle leasing for the trainees makes noticeable. If you prefer to continue the tenancy, you can extend the lease at any time. Here, a new or another copy can be ordered immediately, as there are usually no additional fees incurred.

The offer from us is huge and so there is hardly a manufacturer’s model that would not be available at advantageous leasing conditions. In contrast to the purchase of an often damaged used vehicle, no loss of safety has to be accepted for the apprentices in car leasing. We work exclusively with new vehicles from local dealers.

In addition, there is the lack of professional experience of the apprentices on the steering wheel, which can be mitigated in a new car by the variety of auxiliary and safety systems. In contrast to an end-of-life vehicle, the entire performance spectrum of modern safety technology is used here, and in the worst case, you can always rely on warning systems, brake assist, ABS, electrostatic precipitators and many airbags.

Of course, the safety equipment always depends on the selected type and can not be guaranteed nationwide. In the case of vehicle leasing for trainees, this is at least partially possible. One of the advantages of driving a car is the individual design.

Rental in teaching

Rental in teaching

Lease business in training: Whether a leasing vehicle pays for itself in the apprenticeship or for trainees or whether it is economically feasible or even reasonable with a trainee salary of barely more than USD 800 per month can not be answered consistently. In addition, not a few trainees rely on a mobile vehicle of one kind or another. Second

Considering that when leasing on the basis of kilometers, the leased car can be returned after 36 or 48 months and at no great extra cost, many interns will rightly claim that this term can help to mobilize the training period with a leased vehicle and then be able to look around for a new and larger car at work and with a fixed salary.

If you’ve saved or received something from your guardian, you can either make a special lease payment that reduces the monthly leasing rate, or you save on repair, maintenance, and inspection costs. Similar to car financing, leasing is also difficult for the trainees.

Because the trainees have a temporary contract until the end of their trainees. This, of course, raises questions for the landlord about what the intern will do after the training. The training company could in this case z. B. confirm that the trainee will be recruited after the training period. All this makes the lease for the trainees – especially for the banks and new car leasing – questionable.

The leasing companies pay first and foremost to the creditworthiness and security of potential tenants. As testing progresses, it becomes more difficult for apprentices to rent a vehicle. Finally, lessors check potential tenants for the likelihood of default on these leases. So can guarantors such. For example, parent companies of the leasing company help in the end to make a positive decision and to enable apprentices to rent.

As a further variant, it is possible that a father of apprentices is the lessee. Ultimately, the apprentices always have the choice for or against rents. Depending on creditworthiness criteria and guarantors, she may either financially support or reject apprentice leasing. In addition, there are interesting additional services such as our competent agency service or the comfortable option of having the new vehicle delivered to your door for a small surcharge via a car delivery service. For you, this means that you can shop with us.

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You must buy a new car but your budget does not allow you to make this purchase. You must then subscribe to a new vehicle credit that would allow you to buy the car of your dreams. Looking for a credit institution to apply for your credit is not easy and you need to find an offer with an interest rate that suits you. The credit simulator is the ideal solution for you. It allows you to save time in your search because it can compare a dozen offers in just 2 minutes.

Moreover, it is online and you only need a simple internet connection to use it. Our new vehicle credit simulator is completely free and you can be sure to find the most interesting offer.

What is a new vehicle credit?

What is a new vehicle credit?

New Car Loan is a loan to a particular person and is specifically granted for the purchase of a new car. New vehicle credit has a higher amount compared to other types of bank loans.
New cars are more expensive than used cars and the budget for this type of purchase must be appropriate. New vehicle credit can be repaid over a longer period. Even if the new car is more expensive, it can also be more reliable and can last in time.

Different forms of credit new vehicle

Different forms of credit new vehicle

There are different forms of credit for financing a new car, namely, personal loan, new car credit, new car pack and lease with option to buy.
The new auto loan allows you to borrow a fund from a financial institution in order to assign it directly to the purchase of your new car. This type of auto credit does not require any proof of expenses. You are freer in contracting the new car credit but it does not have credit protection if a problem occurs when buying the car.

New car credit is a consumer credit that is used to purchase your car. It can cover part or all of your car. This type of credit can be purchased directly from a dealer.
The new car pack includes auto credit with auto insurance in addition to assistance and maintenance of the vehicle.

The lease with option to purchase is a formula that has been put in place specifically for the purchase of a new car. You can rent the car for 72 months and the contract can spread out and become a sale. In this case, the rents you have already paid are taken into account.

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Car Loan Early Replacement /car-loan-early-replacement/ /car-loan-early-replacement/#respond Wed, 11 Sep 2019 14:27:11 +0000 http://www.katiesgoldgraphics.com/2019/09/11/car-loan-early-replacement/

It also means that the bank that granted the old car loan agrees to the debt restructuring or repayment. What substitute options are there for you? But what happens if you want to replace him earlier? A car loan period is usually several months or years. The borrower thus has the opportunity after a certain period of time to cancel and repay the loan earlier.

Redeem your car loan early and finance the connection at reasonable interest rates.

Redeem your <a href=car loan early and finance the connection at reasonable interest rates.” />

Did you pay for your new car with a car loan and can you repay it sooner? You want to restructure your current loan volume? Schedule debt restructuring as early as possible as this is the best way to avoid future interest payments. In order for you to receive further financial support, we are a neutral and fair contact person.

If you cancel your car loan early, you can request a penalty for early repayment. So that you can replace your new car early and easily, one of our branches can be informed about your new car loan. Whether you pay back your car loan, you can decide for yourself.

Depending on how much you want to collect for repayment a month, you can choose to claim faster debt relief or lesser amounts. Our consultants also like to develop a financial plan that lists all interest rates and repayment rates in order to repay your car loan early.

Replace loan early? Caution Early repayment!

Replace loan early? Caution Early repayment!

Probably anyone who takes a long-term operation, mentally also with the possibility of being able to replace it too hastily if necessary. In the best case, the entire loan can be repaid prematurely and you are again “debt free”. Now you would think that this would not only benefit the borrower, but would also make banks happy about the early repayment of the loan.

But far from it, because the banks are quite skeptical about that. The reason for this is that the borrowed funds come in earlier than planned at the house bank, but at the same time the expected interest income is lost. To compensate for this default, the house bank uses an “instrument”, ie “Who wants to repay his loan before the end of the term, risking having to compensate for the lost interest income of the house bank.

However, the Sanfure found in this issue of AskMeFinance (11/2016) that the expenses for this prepayment penalty in recent years rose steadily. To illustrate this increase, we are using a high-volume loan such as the real estate loan business as an example of this growth. If a loan of USD 200,000 with a ten-year fixed interest period and a repayment after five years is paid in 2008 with a prepayment fee of only USD 2,000, BuyNer would demand a hefty USD 32,000 in accordance with the currently applicable fees.

An increase in the “fine” by 30,000 USD in just 8 years! After the repayment of the loan, the higher penalty for early repayment means that much less money is left over, for example, to settle outstanding claims from creditors. Conclusion: What should be considered in terms of early repayment? According to the Stiftung Warmentest, credit institutions often calculate the sum of the early repayment to the detriment of the borrower.

With various measures, credit institutions can increase the early repayment. According to a ruling of the Federal Court of Justice (Ref .: ZI 388/14), credit institutions are also required to settle such contractual option rights as if the debtor had made use of them. In particular, if the house bank requires a very high prepayment fee, the debtor should check whether these contractual provisions were even included.

The larger the loan amount and the sooner the loan transaction is triggered, the greater is the early repayment and the cost risk that more money is generated than is actually sufficient.

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Car financing for the self-employed – instant loan online /car-financing-for-the-self-employed-instant-loan-online/ /car-financing-for-the-self-employed-instant-loan-online/#respond Sat, 31 Aug 2019 14:56:41 +0000 http://www.katiesgoldgraphics.com/2019/08/31/car-financing-for-the-self-employed-instant-loan-online/

There are several considerations in car financing for the self-employed. A roll container has become indispensable not only for customer acquisition but also for everyday use. A self-employed person is always faced with the question of whether he should allow a car on himself or on a company. Depending on this decision, there are various options for a self-employed car loan. But with the right preparation and the right financial partners, it is possible to secure a loan for car financing despite independence.

Car loan for self-employed

Car loan for self-employed

The self-employed, craftsmen or the self-employed often have problems with lending. As a rule, the banks reject the self-employed for lack of security. At the same time, buying a new car is not possible for the majority of Germans without car financing. How you can get a loan for your car despite your independence, read here! The terms for borrowing car financing have been particularly good for some time due to the low interest rate phase.

Borrowing for the self-employed is often fraught with difficulties

Borrowing for the self-employed is often fraught with difficulties

However, borrowing for the self-employed is often fraught with difficulties. Even if the money required for car financing is available, self-employed people are unpopular with many banks. The disapproval of banks for self-employed and self-employed persons can be justified by the fact that credit institutions prefer borrowers for whom the repayment of loan installments is associated with a low default risk.

For banks, there is a low risk of default given sufficient current income. At the same time, a high credit rating of the company has a positive influence on the rating of the house bank. Applicants who are permanent and have a decent salary will thus have better opportunities to receive a soft loan than the self-employed.

Creditworthiness of the self-employed 

Creditworthiness of the self-employed&nbsp;

The creditworthiness of the self-employed is often modest due to the irregular income, which reduces the chances of obtaining a loan from the house bank. Self-employed persons who want to optimize their situation in relation to the house bank can offer the house bank security in the form of life insurance, real estate or savings. If delinquencies occur during the repayment, the financing house bank can use the securities to repay outstanding debts.

As a further option, a second borrower may be included in the loan agreement. The second borrower reduces the default risk and thus increases the likelihood of a low-interest loan despite independence. Only by comparing different conditions of each favorable amount can be calculated. Even as a self-employed person, you should consider the possibilities of borrowing from private individuals. Second

Self-employed can make use of a tax deduction

Self-employed can make use of a tax deduction

The self-employed can make use of a tax deduction by registering the vehicle as a commercial vehicle. For a self-employed car loan, there are a number of conditions. As the duration of self-employment increases, the opportunities to obtain a loan amount increase. As a rule, self-employed persons should have the same activity for a period of two to one year. In addition, self-employed persons must provide a comprehensive proof of income, such as the business valuations on the balance sheet and the latter two to three income tax assessments.

For the granting of car loans, it is also important that the seat and residence of the applicant is in the Federal Republic. Substantial assets or other financial collateral also have a positive impact on the approval of a self-employed car loan. For the determination of the payment behavior the house bank usually inquires about the possibilities of the disbursement.

A positive assessment increases the chance of obtaining a loan amount for the self-employed. The credit decision is made quickly, so that self-employed can buy a car as quickly as possible. Of course, the loan comparison is free. Since only condition requests are made to the various credit institutions during the loan comparison, the reconciliation has no adverse effect on the credit rating.

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Car Leasing And Leasing General /car-leasing-and-leasing-general/ /car-leasing-and-leasing-general/#respond Wed, 28 Aug 2019 14:38:27 +0000 http://www.katiesgoldgraphics.com/2019/08/28/car-leasing-and-leasing-general/

Car leasing and leasing in general have many benefits that we will guide you through here. You need to know this about car leasing before you actually lease anything.

When you lease, you actually rent the equipment instead of buying it

When you lease, you actually rent the equipment instead of buying it

Car leasing and leasing have many advantages:

1. The company does not have to invest capital
2. Better liquidity provides greater trading and competitiveness
3. The entire investment is depreciated over the lease term
4. Easier to budget because the lease is virtually the same throughout the lease term
5. Easier administration, multiple invoice collection invoice
6. Normally, the asset security is good enough, the company saves free mortgage security
7. Expenditure on the equipment during the lease period provides a tax advantage over ordinary depreciation
8. Tax neutral in most cases

There are tax advantages to leasing!


Leasing is considered the most profitable for companies that have a high marginal tax rate. On a loan, your interest deduction will be a maximum of 28%. For leasing, however, both interest and installments are deductible . This is a deduction that follows your marginal tax.

Car lease with residual value
Used primarily for passenger cars and vans which are used nicely.

– The normal contract period is 36 months
– Supplier places residual value
– After the end of the contract period, the car is returned to the supplier and you do not have to spend time selling the car
– Regular car exchange provides a reliable and modern car park, no unforeseen expenses
– The repayment of the agreement is adapted to the car’s loss of value

Car leasing without residual value

Car leasing without residual value

Usually used for trucks with tougher use and trucks:

1. The normal contract period is five or six years depending on usage and mileage. The car is paid in full during the period
2. The rent is expensed in full during the period
3. Your down payment can go over 60 months
4. Expense accounting provides tax advantage over activation and depreciation

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What is a car loan? /what-is-a-car-loan/ /what-is-a-car-loan/#respond Sun, 25 Aug 2019 14:17:33 +0000 http://www.katiesgoldgraphics.com/2019/08/25/what-is-a-car-loan/

Less and less money is being used to finance cars. Many car buyers use alternative financing methods instead. These include, for example, the purchase of a lease or the financing of a car loan. But how do you find the best car loan? The five golden rules for the dream car: A car loan is a loan to finance a car provided by a lender.

And what is a car loan?

And what is a car loan?

What is a car loan? Is car loan a special form of credit? The car loan is not a special loan and is not an independent product type. The loans include auto loans, which are also called consumer loans or personal loans. Auto loans are typically used to finance new vehicles, used vehicles or motorcycles, as well as recreational vehicles. Where do you get a car loan from?

There are several options for car loans. So there are direct banks that specialize in the granting of auto loans, and there are auto banks that belong to the manufacturer group and spend on the car dealerships express car loans. How can I find the cheapest car loan? Car banks often advertise via particularly low-interest dealers.

However, a low-interest car loan arranged at the car dealer does not necessarily have to be the cheapest one. The seller must be guided by the advantageous interest rates, which reduces his willingness to grant further discounts on the car price. The car loan from a direct bank makes you a money-payer and allows you an improved opportunity to negotiate in the price calculations for the chosen vehicle.

What to look for in a car loan? If you want to feel that you own the vehicle registration card, you should select a car loan house bank that does not deposit the vehicle registration card as a security deposit. The automobile banks demand this in principle.

A car loan?

A car loan?

Rather, many car buyers rely on other forms of financing. These include, for example, the purchase of a lease or the purchase of a car loan. The car loan is basically a normal installment loan, but differs in two points from the ordinary installment loan. The car loan is secured on the one hand by the commitment of the vehicle to be financed, which means that the banks car loans are sufficient at a more advantageous than installment loans interest.

In a car loan, the duration should always be such that it corresponds to the life of the vehicle and does not significantly exceed. After that, auto loans should usually have a loan term of 7 to max. Do not exceed 10 years. But you should also take out a fully comprehensive insurance, which insures you in the event of an accident and their payment can also be used to repay the loan in case of emergency, so you do not get into the credit trap as a borrower.

The biggest advantage of car loan financing is certainly the discount that the borrower can enforce when buying new cars. In contrast to the leasing business, the purchase by car loan basically corresponds to the cash purchase. In this context, car loan financing is often the cheapest form of financing.

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If, however hard you try, your savings account does not grow, perhaps it is because you have not considered the following points.

The keys to successful savings

The keys to successful savings

Saving is not a miracle, but it does require practice and dedication, since overnight your bank account will not grow, but there needs to be a little effort.

However, sometimes this mission becomes more than impossible because some points that are key to achieving it are not taken into account and although it does not create it, not all have to do with money, but with other elements that we usually go through tall.

1. Analyze what you spend and how much you pay: 

1. Analyze what you spend and how much you pay:&nbsp;

It is not only about seeing what are the most expensive things that cost you, but what are the ones that yield the most and if it is worth continuing to buy them. For example, you are worth buying cheap vegetables if you have to take a taxi to return home or if they will spoil and you will have to throw them away.

2. The place where you save matters more than you think: 

credit loan

The point is to get paid for the money you deposit. Month to month, you must receive interest. However, the interest rate is not the only thing that should worry you when looking for a financial institution where to deposit the money, you should also look at the commissions, since not all banks charge the same. If you take a moment to analyze your options and compare them using web comparators such as Humpty Dumpty , you can see the differences between one and the other.

3. If you want to save more, think about earning more: 

3. If you want to save more, think about earning more:&nbsp;

Whatever you win, there is always a way to save something. However, if you are really in a fairly tight situation, there is nothing wrong with starting to think about earning more. What options do you have? Find out what options you have for freelance, weekend or seasonal work. The important thing is that the amount that manages to collect, is devoted entirely to savings.

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What kind of credit should I borrow if I need cash? /what-kind-of-credit-should-i-borrow-if-i-need-cash/ /what-kind-of-credit-should-i-borrow-if-i-need-cash/#respond Thu, 15 Aug 2019 03:31:38 +0000 http://www.katiesgoldgraphics.com/2019/08/15/what-kind-of-credit-should-i-borrow-if-i-need-cash/

Let’s say we want to buy a used car for $ 500, but we don’t have enough money, so we need credit. What better solution then to apply for a credit line with your overdraft or take out a personal loan?

Of course, this requires enough credit lines and banks do not always provide such a small amount of personal loans, but let’s look at what to decide between different loan schemes.

A personal loan is a standard loan, meaning that we can pay off our debt slowly over a fixed period of time.

If we are in urgent need of cash, then often only these two solutions are possible, but what is the choice between the two? Is a lower interest personal loan or an overdraft available without administration a good solution?


The sum depends!

credit loan

The great benefit of an overdraft is that you always have to pay interest on your outstanding debt, which has always been reduced by the money we hold in your account. That is, our payment, which was not used at that time. Thus, our average debt may be lower, depending on our payment, than with a personal loan.

Of course, you only want to think of an overdraft with a low credit or a relatively high payment, ie a current account balance. But, for example, with a $ 500,000 loan and a $ 250,000 payment, there’s no difference between the two schemes if you both spend $ 54,000 to reduce your debt and spend your payment evenly throughout the month. Including all interest and costs, both loans may cost us nearly $ 48,000 over 10 months in addition to the principal.


What else can we choose?

credit problem

If you do not necessarily need cash, you can use a credit card, which works in the same way as an overdraft, so you can keep your debt down with the money we currently have.


How can you get a loan?

How can you get a loan?

If you need money, you may want to consider the following tips to give you a better chance of applying.

  • Find the best personal loan in our calculator.
  • If the banks with the best deals reject you, apply at your own, where you keep your account.
  • Eliminate your small debts like overdrafts, credit card debt, etc.
  • Involve a co-claimant.
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18 years old and wants to borrow money /18-years-old-and-wants-to-borrow-money/ /18-years-old-and-wants-to-borrow-money/#respond Thu, 08 Aug 2019 03:09:57 +0000 http://www.katiesgoldgraphics.com/2019/08/08/18-years-old-and-wants-to-borrow-money/

When you turn 18, you can do most things in this country. It is probably the most buying of alcohol at Systembolaget and to get into some taverns that do not work. In fact, when it comes to borrowing money, there may also be obstacles to some lenders.



There has been a lot of talk in the media since the micro loans came out on the market that it is a debt trap mainly for young people. Now this is not true, as it is both older and younger who have ended up with Kronofogden due to micro loans that have not been repaid.

This is probably largely behind the fact that quite a few lenders are actually dealing with this type of loan, which requires borrowers to be a little older. This is often the case if a person who wants to borrow some money should be at least 20 years old. This is whatever the person’s finances look like.

If you are 18 years old and want to borrow money through a micro-loan, then there should be no major problems as there are still alternatives. The downside is that you cannot compare rates from all lenders. Here on the site, we usually include age in our comparisons so that it will be easy for you to find what applies. If you visit, for example, our large comparison of micro-loans, you will find a button that can be used that allows all lenders to offer loans to people of 18.

Consumer Lending


If you then move on to the usually slightly larger private loans then it will actually be a little better for you who are 18 years old. All major banks do not really set any age requirements except for a borrower to be of legal age. Then the banks usually have a little tougher requirements when they do their credit check but you only have a good finances and thus can manage this, there should be no problems.

In addition to the banks, there are a number of other lending institutions on the market that lend out slightly smaller sums or full-size private loans. What one can say about these other actors is that this is becoming quite common with rules that say that a borrower must be at least 20 years old to be able to borrow.

So if you have a good finances, which we hope you have if a loan is planned, it should not be a problem to find a lender who can think of lending money even if you have recently become a mortgage.

Mortgages and car loans


While these are the biggest loans you will probably get at some point in life, there are no major problems here with age. Since this is a loan with collateral, it becomes safer for the lender to lend money.

They will therefore only look at your finances to determine if you can handle the repayments not how old you are. Then the requirements are very different depending on the cost of what is purchased. If it is, for example, a house for 3 million, the requirements for income are obviously higher than if a house for USD 500,000 is purchased.

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Banks should hold more capital = more expensive mortgages – Loans /banks-should-hold-more-capital-more-expensive-mortgages-loans/ /banks-should-hold-more-capital-more-expensive-mortgages-loans/#respond Tue, 30 Jul 2019 04:01:28 +0000 http://www.katiesgoldgraphics.com/2019/07/30/banks-should-hold-more-capital-more-expensive-mortgages-loans/ A likely coming proposal is that banks should be forced to have more capital in buffers to gain greater security. This is something that the Good Financial Supervisory Authority is expected to demand after the summer when the rules become a little tougher for the banks. However, this is something that is likely to affect the prices of mortgages.

It becomes more expensive


When the banks are forced to hold more capital, it becomes more expensive for them and this is something that will, in part, partly be placed on the bank’s customers and especially mortgage customers. It is likely that mortgage loans will become more expensive during the year despite the repo rate remaining low and likely to remain at this low level throughout the year at least.

Expect to raise mortgage rates to compensate


In an article I read that, for example, SEB stated that they expect to raise mortgage rates to compensate for these new rules and the costs they entail for the banks. As usual, it is us customers who suffer when the bank receives higher costs. Some may understand this, but it is always a bit silly for ordinary people to get stuck.

Mortgage rates could rise to give banks better margins

Mortgage rates could rise to give banks better margins

In general, the situation for mortgages is really good as the repo rate is very low and it looks like interest rates will remain at a low level for a good time to come. One could imagine that mortgage rates would thus remain at the same low level, but with these changes after the summer, it looks like mortgage rates could rise to give banks better margins.

More profitable but the reason they want to do so


These margins are simply more profitable but the reason they want to do so is, as I said, to be able to fulfill the requirement that the risk-weighted floor which is now 15% can be increased to 25%, which is a significant difference. This means that the banks need more capital ready in their buffer that cannot be used for other purposes.

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